TikTok Offers Marketing Education to Help Advertisers

  • 13-04-2022 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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TikTok is currently working on adding more revenue options to its users. One of its recent initiatives is to educate marketers to help them understand and utilize TikTok features better and improve user engagement and conversion.

CAP University

Creative Agency Partnerships (CAP) University. That’s what the new educational program is called. It will teach freelance marketers and agencies to understand all the platform’s aspects and make their creatives more efficient.

Those who join the CAP University, are free to customize their learning programs based on their business requirements and even attend real-life educational sessions with CAP teachers to gain first-hand knowledge and an in-depth understanding of how TikTok creative studio works.

The main purpose of the initiative is to improve the way marketers use the platform and maximize the profits of top creators by distributing a part of ad revenue streams amongst them. Otherwise, TikTok is risking facing a revolt. Most probably it won’t happen as all TikTok has to do now is establish strong connections with creators, promote branded content deals, and start paying creators systematically.

Right Direction 

If the current educational initiative leads to building stable revenue streams for creators, this will attract crowds of new creators to the platform and make it even harder to compete for Instagram and YouTube with their Reels, Stories, and other TikTok-alike features. Join the classroom today to polish your knowledge and maximize the output of your content. It’s always better to be ahead than to try to catch up with the leaders. If you’ve already started attending your classes, could you tell others what they are like in the comments? You can also share this announcement with other TIkTok’ers.

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