Take a Look at the Most Famous Top 10 Fortnite Collabs, Ranked

  • 15-11-2021 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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When Fortnite was only gaining its popularity, the developers would often hint at future big deals by presenting very familiar skins and names, pointing out the game’s prospects.

Looking at today’s events, a lot of celebrities and franchises now actually want to be featured in Fortnite, gaining a new fanbase and popularity. Here we are going to point out some exceptional collabs, that happened in the game.

10/10 Marshmello

Marshmello was the first performer to have a live concert on Fortnite. Moreover, his collab stands out because the artist himself was noted to be an active player.

9/10 Major Lazer

Major Lazer event in Party Royale mode has also been pretty successful, with a new character, two soundtracks, and a dance. The skin appeared to be very compatible with a lot of items in the game, so its popularity was only a question of time.

8/10 Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 was greatly accepted in Fortnite. Thanks to adding a very specific and exotic style of this game, full of deserts and wastelands, players could fully feel like they were in another world while exploring Pandora in Battle Royale.

7/10 Avengers: Endgame

Marvel has proved to be a massive and successful franchise and its characters are recognized and cherished everywhere. We cannot describe what a shock that was for the fans to see Black Widow and Star-Lord in the new Avengers: Endgame event.

6/10 Deadpool

The appearance of Deadpool was unexpected and greatly received. The popular hero was the first licensed character to be added to the Fortnite battle pass. Deadpool is known as an R-Rated character with an edgy personality, so it was quite a big surprise for the players to see him in their favorite game.

Like that, Fortnite proved that despite being a kid-friendly game, they will make moves to make the game more appealing to an older audience.

5/10 Astronomical

The Astronomical event by Travis Scott brought a lot of new exciting stuff to the game: two skins, a free emote, and a glider. The concert was really well done and worth visiting. New players got a chance to meet a performer and many fans to help promote their favorite music.

4/10 Batman

After having a successful Marvel launch, it was time for DC to appear in Fortnite. The well-known Gotham City was brought to Tilted towers with the new skins of Batman and Catwoman in the Batman collab. Players loved the new appearances for being pretty close to original characters.

3/10 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

A very famous Star Wars franchise also got a chance to surprise its fans in Fortnite. The collaboration included a pack of familiar characters like Kylo, Rey, iconic stormtrooper, and Finn.

Before the official launch of The Rise of Skywalker, the players could see a little spoiler of the film on Fortnite. The battle pass also came with lightsabers, which made the battles among players even cooler.

2/10 John Wick

Previously known skin The Reaper in season 3 somewhat reminded the players of John Wick, but unfortunately, battle pass then was not really easy to get, so the skin was considered one of the rarest in the game. Later, Fortnite released an original skin for John Wick, making the fans even more excited to play the game.

1/10 Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie’s fresh look in Suicide Squad made the launch of the new Harley Quinn skin one of the most famous in the game. Despite its release almost a year ago, a lot of people still make it their first choice in the game.


Fortnite has proved to be really successful over the years, and after so many collabs with popular franchises, the game still remains one of the most famous platforms out there. What is your favorite Fortnite collab? Who would you want to see next in the Battle Royale? Leave your opinions and ideas in the comments below.

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