Spotify Has Problems Launching on Android

  • 10-07-2022 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Spotify is a convenient service for listening to music and podcasts. More than 360 million users around the world use it every day. When such a popular platform experiences technical difficulties, they do not go unnoticed. In early July, Spotify customers worldwide began reporting that the service was not launching on their Android devices. Although the reports are scattered, quite a lot of people talk about problems, so the situation can be considered global.

As follows from the messages, the application starts loading the home screen and then freezes. Users could not advance further than the splash screen. If we analyze all the complaints, it becomes clear that a similar problem occurs for those people who, for some reason, log out of their profiles. Apart from it, there is also one person who tried to switch from device memory to SD card. All the standard ways of fixing Spotify bugs, like reinstalling the app, don't work. The service representatives have already reported they are investigating and trying to eliminate the issue.

At the moment, it is not yet clear how widespread this issue turned out to be, which device users were most affected, and how to get rid of it. The only reliable recommendation is not to log out of your accounts unless absolutely necessary. If you encounter this problem, you can contact the platform support team and report your application version, operating system version, and device model. Based on this data, Spotify will be able to get a complete picture and find a solution to the problem. For now, we are still waiting for an official comment from the developers.

Please tell us how this bug affected you. Are you facing this issue on your device? Do you have subscriptions to other music services as a temporary replacement

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