Revamping the Competitive Scene: BLAST Unveils Dynamic 2025 Counter-Strike Tournament Format

  • 18-06-2024 |
  • Matthew Garcia
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BLAST is set to change the 2025 Counter-Strike season with a new format dramatically. The tournament organizer has outlined its plans, which depart significantly from the traditional setup.

The calendar will feature three distinct types of events. The Bounty events will have 32 teams competing in a gameshow-like structure. Each team aims to increase the bounty on their heads to win a greater share of the prize pool. Each event will consist of 31 matches and 95 hours of action, with two events planned for 2025: the first from January 12 to 26, and the second from August 4 to 17. These events will include both online and studio elements.

The second type of event is Open. These will be traditional big arena events, bringing together 16 teams from various regions worldwide. Each tournament will feature 29 matches and 89 hours of gameplay. The first Open event will be held in Lisbon from March 17 to 30, while the second will take place in London between August 25 and September 7.

Lastly, we have Rivals. This gathering will showcase the eight leading international teams vying across 12 contests during a span of 41 hours of intense gaming action. The first Rivals event will be held from April 28 to May 4, with the second scheduled between November 10 and 16. The locations for these events have yet to be announced.

Additionally, BLAST has announced plans to host a Major in Austin, Texas, sometime in 2025. However, the exact date has not been specified.

What are your thoughts on this new direction for the future of competitive Counter-Strike?

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