More Ads Will Appear in the App Store

  • 09-08-2022 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Apple has announced that users will now see more ads in the App Store. Previously, ads only appeared below the search bar and on the search results page. Apple plans to add more ads in the "Today" tab and on each app page. 

The ad format that Apple has used in the past has been very successful. It helped developers find their audience. However, the company plans to increase its earnings from advertising, thus allowing more developers to develop. 

It is not known yet when the changes will appear. But the company has announced the beginning of testing with a limited number of users shortly. It will not be hard to notice it. In the app store will appear more boxes with blue signs advertising in the lower right corner. This will allow ads to stand out from other recommendations. 

Soon, when you enter the app store, you will see a big window with advertisements on the "Today" page. This is the very first tab in the app. If you go to the specific app page, you will notice additional ads in the "you may also like it" section.

Apple says that even though there will be more ads, they will not be too annoying. Users will only see information that is relevant to their past search queries. 

The company launched ads in the app store for the first time in 2016. At that time, users were asked for permission to display personalized ads. Judging by the way Apple company is developing in the issue of advertising, they do not just want to help some developers to promote their product. Rather, Apple plans to become the best platform to promote developers' business. 

We hope that this update will still be a success for the company. New developers will be able to promote the product, and users will find many useful applications.

How do you feel about additional advertising? Have there been instances where advertising has helped you find a really useful app

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