Google Pixel's Latest Features Overview

  • 09-12-2021 |
  • Harper Lee
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Google Pixel mobile devices are getting some cool updates this month. The most interesting is the new Quick Tap to Snap feature linked to Snapchat. Now you will be able to open the app in a matter of seconds through the lock screen. To do it, you just need to double-tap on the back panel of your device. This option will be available on Pixel 4A 5G smartphones and more advanced models. As part of its collaboration with Snapchat, Google will add a branded "Pixel Face" filter.

Moreover, the new Pixel 6 Pro devices released just a couple of months ago will receive broader UWB functionality. It is known that the ultra-wideband chip has been used very little in these models so far. Now it will help another feature called Nearby Share work even better. You will be able to locate your other broadband devices more accurately and quickly send files from one smartphone to another. Apple and Samsung already have these options, but they are new for Google.

The company also strives to make its devices accessible for everyone. With the new update, you will receive Conversation mode in the proprietary Sound Amplifier app. With its help, you can "muffle" extraneous noises or, conversely, amplify sounds to hear your other person better. Also, Pixel's Recorder now recognizes even more languages ​​(starting with Pixel 3), which allows you to transcribe any speech easily.

Among other novelties, it is worth highlighting the opportunity to customize the bass response when using Pixel smartphones and branded A-series Buds headphones and control over the responsiveness of the power button to call the Assistant. Other improvements also include road crash detection, which is now available in more countries and regions, and the ability to unlock 2020-2022 BMW models using smartphones.

If you are a user of Google Pixel devices, please share your impressions of the new functionality. What did you like the most

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