Goodbye Stumble Guys - 5 Fun Alternative Games To Play

  • 05-03-2023 |
  • Harper Lee
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If you are looking for a new game to play that is similar to the popular game Stumble Guys, we have just what you need. In this article, we will explore five alternative games that offer hours of entertainment and are just as much fun. Each of these games has its unique story, setting, and gameplay, making them unlike anything else on the market. Whether you’re looking for a single-player experience or something to do with friends, there is an option here for everyone. Read on to learn more about these great alternatives to Stumble Guys! 

Drawful 2 - The Ultimate Drawing Party Game

Drawful 2 is a one-of-a-kind drawing party game that tests your creativity and sense of humor with its fast-paced rounds. Players must draw their own custom prompts and then try to guess each other's drawings before time runs out. Drawful 2 also comes with a built-in audience mode, so you can get your friends together online or in person and watch them guess your drawings! With over 1,000 unique prompts, Drawful 2 offers endless entertainment and fun for all ages. 

Donut County - A Puzzling Adventure into a Hole

Donut County logo

Donut County is an award-winning puzzle adventure game in the wilderness of California's fictional Donut County. In this game, players control BK–the raccoon who created the hole–as they explore various colorful places while solving puzzles and manipulating objects along the way. With an engaging story full of quirky characters and clever puzzles, Donut County offers hours of captivating gameplay to keep players hooked until the end. 

Gang Beasts - A Brawling Good Time

Gang Beasts logo

Gang Beasts is a silly game where up to four players must fight it out in over-the-top brawls in various environments such as construction sites and warehouses. Players can choose from a variety of characters with unique abilities and play modes like team deathmatch or free for all battles as they duke it out in wacky combat scenarios. With vibrant visuals, hilarious moments, and plenty of chaos, Gang Beasts are sure to provide plenty of laughs with friends and family alike. 

Overcooked 2 - Cook up Some Fun

Overcooked 2 logo

Overcooked 2 is an intense cooking simulation where up to four chefs must work together in order to complete orders in time while avoiding obstacles such as kitchen hazards like rats and fires. With over 200 levels across 8 unique kitchens packed with various recipes from around the world, plus online multiplayer support for up to 4 players at once, Overcooked 2 promises endless hours of chaotic yet satisfying cooking fun. 

Human: Fall Flat – Solve Puzzles Your Way

Human Fall Flat logo

Human: Fall Flat is an intriguing physics-based puzzle platformer where players take control of Bob–a figure made entirely out of blocks–and traverse through surreal dreamscapes while solving puzzles at their own pace without any specific objectives or restrictions holding them back from achieving success. With beautiful visuals accompanied by smooth animations as well as local co-op support for two players at once, Human: Fall Flat offers plenty of challenging yet rewarding puzzling action perfect for all ages.


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