Epic Adventures Await: Top 5 Genshin Impact Alternative Games

  • 26-04-2023 |
  • Harper Lee
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Genshin Impact has captured the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide thanks to its rich open-world design, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay. However, if you're looking for similar experiences, there's no shortage of fantastic games that challenge and immerse players in lush, sprawling worlds. In this article, we'll be exploring the top 5 Genshin Impact alternative games that offer breathtaking adventures and countless hours of entertainment.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Embark on a Grand Adventure in a Vast World

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild logo

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles. It is the 19th installment in the long-running Legend of Zelda series and one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time.


Breath of the Wild offers an open-world experience that encourages exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat. Players take control of Link, the series' protagonist, as he awakens from a 100-year slumber to save the kingdom of Hyrule from the evil Calamity Ganon. Armed with various weapons, shields, and abilities, players must traverse the vast landscape, conquer dungeons, and solve puzzles to progress through the game.


The game follows the story of Link, who wakes up with no memory in a mysterious land. As he explores Hyrule, he learns about his past, the kingdom's history, and the tragic events that led to the rise of Calamity Ganon. Players will meet a diverse cast of characters, complete quests, and uncover secrets as they unravel the game's rich narrative.


Breath of the Wild's expansive world is one of its most prominent features. The game's version of Hyrule is a vast, open landscape filled with diverse environments, including forests, mountains, deserts, and more. Players will encounter various creatures, both friendly and hostile, as they explore the world and uncover its many secrets.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Discover a Post-Apocalyptic World Ruled by Machines

Horizon Zero Dawn logo

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where nature has reclaimed the ruins of a forgotten civilization, and humanity lives in primitive tribes while fearsome machines rule the land.


Players take on the role of Aloy, a skilled hunter, and archer, as they explore the vast open world and battle both machine and human enemies. The game features a robust crafting system, allowing players to create new weapons, ammunition, and equipment to survive in a hostile environment. Additionally, players can use stealth and tactical combat to overcome the formidable machines that roam the land.


Horizon Zero Dawn tells the story of Aloy, a young outcast searching for her identity and the truth about her past. As she ventures through the world, she uncovers the mysteries surrounding the machines, the ancient civilization that once ruled the planet, and her own origins.


The game's setting is a lush, post-apocalyptic world filled with diverse ecosystems, ranging from snowy mountains to dense forests and arid deserts. The remnants of ancient civilizations can be found scattered throughout the land, providing players with a sense of mystery and wonder as they explore the world.

Nier: Automata - Experience a Dystopian Future Where Androids Battle for the Fate of Humanity

Nier Automata logo

Nier: Automata is an action role-playing game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. Set in a dystopian future, the game follows the story of Androids 2B, 9S, and A2 as they fight to reclaim Earth from powerful machines created by alien invaders.


Nier: Automata features fast-paced, fluid combat with a mix of melee and ranged attacks. Players can switch between different weapon types and use a variety of skills to dispatch their enemies. The game also incorporates elements of platforming and exploration as players navigate through the sprawling world and uncover hidden secrets.


The game's story is centered around the struggle between androids, machines, and what remains of humanity. As players progress through the game, they'll uncover the truth behind the alien invasion, the origins of the machines, and the fate of humanity itself. Nier: Automata is known for its multiple endings, which provide different perspectives on the game's narrative and themes.


Nier: Automata takes place in a desolate, post-apocalyptic Earth where nature has begun to reclaim the ruins of human civilization. Players will explore a variety of environments, including abandoned cities, vast deserts, and lush forests, encountering both friendly and hostile characters along the way.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Embark on a Journey to Save a Dying World

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 logo

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a massive action role-playing game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game is set in the world of Alrest, a vast ocean of clouds where the last remnants of human civilization live on the backs of colossal beings called Titans.


Players take control of Rex, a young salvager who partners with a powerful Blade named Pyra in a quest to reach the fabled paradise of Elysium. The game features a real-time combat system where players control one character while their party members are controlled by artificial intelligence. Players can also equip various Blades, each with unique abilities and elemental powers, to customize their combat style.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 tells the story of Rex and Pyra's journey to save the dying world of Alrest. Along the way, they'll encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations and stories. The game's narrative explores themes of friendship, sacrifice, and the struggle for survival in a world on the brink of collapse.


The world of Alrest is a breathtakingly beautiful and expansive environment filled with diverse landscapes, ranging from lush forests to arid deserts and massive, sprawling cities. The game's Titans, colossal living beings that players can explore and traverse, add a unique twist to the setting, creating a sense of awe and wonder as players uncover the secrets of the world.

Tales of Zestiria - Unite a Land Torn by War and Darkness

Tales of Zestiria logo

Tales of Zestiria is an action role-playing game developed by Bandai Namco Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the 15th main entry in the popular Tales series, featuring a rich story, engaging gameplay, and a unique world steeped in history and mythology.


Players take control of Sorey, a young man with the ability to see and interact with Seraphim, powerful elemental beings. The game's combat system dubbed the "Fusionic Chain Linear Motion Battle System," combines real-time action with strategic elements, allowing players to perform powerful combos and coordinate their party members' abilities. Players can also fuse with Seraphim to access unique elemental powers and abilities during battle.


Tales of Zestiria follows Sorey on his journey to becoming the Shepherd, a legendary figure prophesized to bring peace and balance to a world plagued by war and darkness. Along the way, he'll forge alliances with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own stories and motives, as they work together to overcome the forces of evil threatening their world.


The game's world is inspired by medieval European history and mythology, featuring vast landscapes, towering castles, and sprawling cities. Players will explore a variety of environments, from dense forests to arid deserts, as they uncover the secrets of the land's history and the true nature of the Seraphim. The game's rich lore and world-building make it an immersive and captivating experience.

Bottom Line

Genshin Impact has set a high bar for open-world action RPGs, but these five alternatives prove that there are plenty of other games that can provide a similar level of immersion, exploration, and excitement. From the critically acclaimed Breath of the Wild to the lesser-known but equally engaging Tales of Zestiria, these games offer unique worlds, engaging gameplay, and memorable stories that will keep players entertained for countless hours. So, if you're looking for a new adventure to embark on, be sure to give these Genshin Impact alternatives a try.


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