Dr Disrespect Faces Severe Backlash: YouTube Suspends Monetization Amid Controversy Involving Minor

  • 02-07-2024 |
  • Kyle Robinson
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Earlier this week, information surfaced about the extremely popular streamer Dr Disrespect and the suspension of his Twitch account a little over four years ago for sending inappropriate messages to a minor, an action that Dr Disrespect admitted to the next day. Subsequently, he informed his 4.7 million YouTube subscribers that he was taking an "extended holiday." Now, YouTube has announced that they have disabled the monetisation feature on Dr Disrespect's channel, resulting in an inability for him to earn revenue from his streaming activities.

YouTube remarked on the decision, stating that they have suspended Dr Disrespect's channel from the YouTube Partner Program due to serious allegations against the creator. This action renders the channel incapable of monetizing on the platform.

Additional details have emerged via Rolling Stone magazine, through an anonymous Twitch employee, who claims that, contrary to Dr Disrespect's statements, the streamer was informed that the individual he was messaging was a minor but continued the interaction regardless. The employee recalled that Dr Disrespect acknowledged the individual's underage status during the conversation and continued regardless, without any confusion.

Dr. Disrespect's defense on X concerning the messages he sent four years ago indicated that he did exchange Twitch Whisper messages with a minor in 2017. He emphasized that there were no real intentions behind these messages, describing them as casual, mutual conversations that sometimes veered inappropriately but insisted nothing illegal occurred, no pictures were shared, no crimes were committed, and he never met the individual.

Beyond the suspension on YouTube, Dr Disrespect has also been removed from his own development studio Midnight Society and has lost his primary sponsor, Turtle Beach.

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