5 Amazing Frog? Alternatives That Will Keep You Entertained and Amused

  • 02-04-2023 |
  • Harper Lee
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Frogs have been popular video game protagonists for decades. Whether it's leaping from platform to platform or simply hopping through levels, frog-centric games have always entertained players. Since the release of Amazing Frog? a popular 3D open-world sandbox game, many other great frog-based games have come out that offer similar gameplay experiences with plenty of new features. Here are five of the best alternatives to Amazing Frog? all sure to keep you entertained and amused. 

Frogger in Toy Town – A 3D Platformer Adventure

Frogger in Toy Town logo

Frogger in Toy Town is a 3D platformer full of vibrant visuals and challenging levels. It follows the classic Frogger formula, as your goal is to help guide your character across obstacles while collecting coins and gems along the way. The game features four unique worlds, each containing its own set of obstacles, enemies, and collectibles to discover. Along the way you'll also need to battle bosses and use special abilities that will help you progress through the levels faster. 

Hoppin' Frogs – A Puzzle Platformer

Frogger get Hoppin logo

Hoppin' Frogs is an action-packed puzzle platformer featuring a variety of frogs with different abilities. You'll need to use these abilities in order to make it through each level by solving puzzles, avoiding enemies, and collecting coins along the way. The game also includes boss battles where you'll need to use strategy and quick thinking in order to defeat them. With over 200 levels across six unique worlds, Hoppin' Frogs offers plenty of content for players looking for an enjoyable challenge. 

Jumpy Frog – A Classic Arcade Remake

Jumpy Frog logo

Jumpy Frog is an arcade-style remake of the classic Frogger game from 1981. It features all the same gameplay elements as its predecessor but with updated graphics and sound effects that give it a modern feel. You'll still need to avoid cars while crossing roads and rivers while simultaneously trying to collect coins and power-ups along the way. The game also includes boss battles where you can use special items such as bombs or shields in order to defeat them before they can reach their goal line first. 

Leap 'n' Croak – A Fast-Paced Action Game

Leap 'n' Croak game

Leap 'n' Croak is an endless runner-style action game that has you playing as a frog who needs to navigate various obstacles in order to get past each level alive! As you progress further into the game, more challenging obstacles will appear, such as moving platforms or spikes that must be avoided at all costs if you want any chance at survival! Additionally, there are powerups scattered throughout each level which can provide helpful bonuses like extra speed or invincibility, so be sure to grab them whenever possible.

Froggy Jumps – An Unique Puzzle Platformer

Froggy Jumps logo

Froggy Jumps is a unique puzzle platformer where players must help guide their frog across various platforms using logic and timing in order to safely reach their destination without falling off! Along the way, there are coins scattered around, which can increase your score when collected, but be careful not to go too fast; otherwise, you could end up missing out on some valuable points. With over 80 levels spread out across 4 different worlds, this one certainly has plenty of content for everyone looking for an enjoyable challenge.


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