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Project BG051PO001-2.3.02 "Safety at work"

On 19.08.2013 was successfully completed a project BG051PO001-2.3.02 " Safety at work " Contract No. ESF- 2302 - 06-11013 "Improving working conditions in VRZ Karlovo - AD ." Initially, the project was launched in 10 months , but in order to implement all the activities for objective reasons , have extension by 2 months and the total duration of the project was one year.

In connection with the completion of the project and to inform the public about the activities and relevant indicators of activities and results , we present the following table .

Indicators of activity indicators results Activities
For each activity , contributing to the performance of indicators according to Annex II
Financially and technically successful projects , with the exception of remaining activity 5 : Delivery of tangible fixed assets - sweeper and mobile systems suctioning dry welding fumes. Planned project costs - 129 119,38 lev ; actually spent / utilized / 102 637.00 lev ; untapped value of the project in 26 lev lev 482.38 ; percentage 20.51% under- Activity 1: Identify project team and management activities and administration of the project
Successfully carried out and documented clear procedures for the selection of contractors / suppliers of scheduled services, materials and FTA concluded and all contracts and delivery of planned services and materials. Supply of FTA project fails for reasons related to an inability to contract under the provisions of Art. 19, para . 1 of Decree 69/11.03.2013 Activity 2 : Procedures for selection of contractors / suppliers of scheduled services, materials and fixed assets
An analysis of the organization and is designed employment . Labour productivity is increased and to work related accidents have been reduced to zero, after the launch of the project. Analysis of the state organization and design of work

Activity 3: Analysis of the status of the organization and design of work
Purchases of fixed assets , returned later and canceled contract purchased and put into operation were envisaged in the draft FTA , which were subsequently returned to work and was not completed Activity 5: Delivery of tangible fixed assets - sweeper and mobile systems suctioning dry welding fumes
Promote the project and met requirements for visualization - 1. data plate distributed 1000 copies . brochures, information disclosed on the website of the Company - www.vrz-karlovo.com
Promotion of the project was successfully carried out by newsletters on the Internet page www.vrz-karlovo.com,, mounted data plate is visible from a large number of people due to its proximity to the railway line Sofia - Karlovo about the project are nationals and the institutions of Karlovo , Sopot Municipality , Municipality Kaloyanovo . Activity 6: Activities to promote the project

As shown by this information 290 the employee of " Cold rementen plant - Karlovo " AD obtained the new clothing and personal protective equipment.
Implementation of the project improve the organization of work in the company through the development of an analysis of the state of " VRZ - Karlovo " AD led to zero the number of occupational accidents and diseases in the period, this trend is expected to continue, due to purchased materials ( personal protective equipment and clothing ) . Implementation of the project has brought positive results in terms of increased confidence of employees to the company's management and their commitment to the health of workers . Unfortunately, failure to Activity 5 : Delivery of tangible fixed assets - sweeper and mobile systems suctioning dry welding smoke, reduce the positive impact of the project and let it unfold in its entirety .

As a result of the project:

 They identified areas for improvement of working conditions taking into account the actions taken to date to ensure healthy and safe working conditions and had upgraded the existing system of risk management at work;
 Ensured was safer to work and have improved working conditions as a result of the implementation of activities 3 and 4.

Included in the project will continue after termination of EC support. The company will continue to provide reliable information to workers associated with the identified hazards and measures for their prevention , train and invest in experts for safety and health, which are closer to employees and can explain them in simple language corresponding threats to explore new mechanisms for prevention of health. In this regard , one of the most important and strategic decisions of the management team, which ensures sustainability is the continuous taking targeted action to improve working conditions in the company by creating conditions for better working conditions , security and maximum protection the workplace. Sustainability of the results achieved after the project is determined by the candidate's experience and good knowledge of the market in which it operates, and sector-related threats to safety and health. Sustainability of the project results is manifested in several ways:

 Reduction of occupational accidents and diseases;
 Ensuring greater personal protection for workers , distributed through their PPE and clothing ;
 Increased productivity and efficiency of business processes ;

When selecting a target group in the project observed the approved list of jobs and types of work that use personal protective equipment as they chose its representatives in accordance with the principle of gender equality at all stages . The planning and implementation of project activities are taken to prevent discrimination by ensuring equal access to information and PPE and clothing , providing a level playing field and opportunity for feedback.

Monitoring and evaluation of project activities is carried out primarily by team organization and project management, monitoring and reporting of representatives of the National Employment Agency , acting for the MA program. Was conducted and a site visit by representatives of the European Commission for the introduction and overview of the project. Regular meetings are organized throughout the project team , and contractors for ongoing assessment and any corrective measures to comply with planned activities and schedule of the project. The final evaluation of the project was made at the end of the project manager , based on the indicators of success - the analysis of the situation and designing the organization of work , purchased and distributed personal protective equipment and special clothing , events and other publicity . Received feedback from employees through completed questionnaires ( Appendix 2.2 Questionnaire ) that are satisfied with the results achieved as a result of the project.

Within the overall project implementation the monitoring over the activities performed and continuous communication with representatives of UP , including providing information on the implementation of the project activities , contracts with contractors and supporting documentation . We appreciate very positively our work and useful feedback we received throughout the duration of the project from vested employees at up to dealing with our project. The result of that good communication is successfully completed project adequately resolve cases arising in the course of the project, observing the specified requirements and procedures for communication and control .

To inform the public gave away 1000 copies . information leaflets in Karlovo , Sopot Municipality and Municipality Kaloyanovo .

Mounted in a prominent position at the entrance of the establishment of durable external material conditions , information boards measuring 1.70 meters wide and 1.20 meters high . Selected location , the entrance of the enterprise allows to see not only the employees of " Cold rementen plant - Karlovo " AD and their counterparts in planned and emergency visits, but from random citizens , thanks to the presence of visibility of moving trains on the route Sofia - Burgas. Plate is made ​​strictly according to the requirements for the visualization and publicity to this scheme .