Vagono-remonten zavod - Karlovo PLC

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Repair and manufacturing of freight wagons (railway cars) and railway equipment, maintenance and refurbishment, spare parts production, assemblies and units for the rolling stock
Vagono-remonten zavod - Karlovo PLC

Vagono-remonten zavod Karlovo, also known as VRZ Karlovo, PLC., was established in 1964 in Karlovo with principal business activities in repairs of freight and passengers railway cars and production of spare parts. In the past years, the focus of the company was shifted on design, development and manufacturing of freight wagons for the Bulgarian and European markets - freight wagons type Sgnss ( container wagon ), tank-wagons types Zas/Zaes/Zacns (tank wagons for ligh and heavy petroleum products, acids), etc.

Starting in 2008, an investment in the amount of more than 10 milion euro was made into the new production hall ( 13 000 m3 in total ), including two painting and one blasting chambers, plasma cutting machines ( with 13m working lenght ), bending machines, high-end welding equipment and also an upgrade and refurbishment of the workshop`s machinery park.

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