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Manufacturing and repairing of railway cars and railway equipment, spare parts production, assemblies sets and units for the rolling stock.

"Vagono-remnoten zavod - Karlovo" PLC has a developed track structure with working- and garage-tracks for repair or storing capacity of 200-250 railway cars monthly of different series depending on needed repair. The capacity of the plant with the current infrastructure, technological equipment and work organization of one shift is approximately 1200 carriages a year.

Since 2007 the focus of the company was shifted on design, development and manufacturing of a railway cars for the Bulgarian and European markets - cars type Sgnss (container wagon), Zas/Zaes/Zacns (tank wagons for ligh and heavy petroleum products, acids), Eaos/Eanos (open wagons for bulk goods), etc. In present days, the company`s portfolio contain expertise in railway cars repairing and manufacturing services, railway equipment, spare parts production, assemblies and units for the rolling stock.

VRZ Karlovo have implemented ISO9001 quality system, certificates for RID classes 3,6.1, 8 and additionally have certified welding procedures via EN15085/DIN6700 and qualified welding teams and engineers.

Maintenance and repair services are certified via VPI and is done under the regulations VPI-LF for the repair of freight cars.

New & Repaired Wagons Wagon Manufacturing Process